Clinic Prices

First consultation £45 – usually takes at least one hour. This will include a full discussion of your health, may involve clinical examination such as blood pressure, and can include nutritional, medical and other lifestyle advice.

Follow up appointments £30 – usually takes approximately half an hour and will include an assessment of how you are progressing, perhaps with alteration of your medicine to tie in with improvements or fine tune the benefits.

Please bring a list of any medication you are currently taking, and blood test results if these are relevant.

Dawn regularly accepts herbal medicine students into her clinic to observe and learn. No more than one or two at a time. Please let Dawn know if you would prefer not to attend a clinic with a student present and those dates can be avoided.


Medicine is charged separately at £8 per 100 ml of tincture which usually lasts a week, sometimes more.  Capsules are £16 per 100, creams and ointments from £5 and teas £5.

Repeat medicine orders can be collected from a secure lock box at Dawn’s home address, at any time (details on request if ordering medicines between appointments), or can be posted on request with postage fee at cost.

Torbay herbalist dispensary & clinic